Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wrapping out the campaign, one semester left before ending the life of a student

There goes the final paper, DRS 3413 Research Methods in Language Learning. So now officially entering the holiday (not-so) mode, and some of the seniors finally ended their semester and stuffs.

And there's me.

One semester left, been attacked by nauseous and (hopefully not) hyperventilating when I was answering the paper. I took the risk of doing the point form answer for essay questions starting from Part B(2) onwards, simply because I almost throw up in the class.

(Mental note: No more half-boiled egg breakfast before exam)

Nevertheless, manage to finish answering the paper, left the usual footnote and a potato, but this time, I make it special. A 'Free Willy' drawing at the next page.

Now that the bitter semester has ended, I just need time to build back the "usual" me and wade through the final semester, bravely.

Until then, it's holiday, baby.

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